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Supplies needed for printing such as ink cartridges and toners.


  • ink cartridges

    Ink cartridges for inkjet printers.

  • imaging units

    Component of a printer or photocopier which is sometimes referred to as copier cartridge, toner cartridge, or drum unit. An imaging unit in which all or many of the consumable and maintenance items, such as toner, developer, photoconductor, corona wires, wiper blade, etc. are sometimes combined in one module which may be user-disposable/recyclable.

  • ink sticks

    Some printers use ink sticks instead of cartridges. Be careful to pick the right product for your printer.

  • developer units

    Component in laser printers linking the toner to the drum.

  • print heads

    These are part of inkjet printers, which prints ink onto paper. They are fixed heads, which are built into the printer, or disposable heads, which are built into the disposable ink carttridges.

  • printer ribbons

    Ribbon for printers that need this for printing. Please make sure you purchase the right type for your printer.

  • printer/scanner spare parts

    Components of printing equipment such as drums and lasers used in laser printers.

  • printer drums

    Laser printers and copiers not only need toner (ink powder) for printing, but also a drum (comparable with the print head of an inkjet printer). The drum puts the toner in the right place, and afterwards the paper is heated so the toner melts and is attached permanently to the paper. Drums, like all components of a printer, wear and will have to be replaced at some time, although they are fairly durable.

  • printer cleaning

    Materials used for cleaning printers.

  • toner collectors

    Container which collects excess toner that is produced during printing.

  • laser toner & cartridges

    Toner cartridges for your laser printer or copier.

  • printer rollers

    Component in laser printers which is coated in toner particles which stick to the drum.

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