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Instructions for a computer's processor to perform specific operations e.g. system software such as Windows and iOS, ...


  • presentation software

    Computer programs where a slide show or other presentation can be created and presented e.g. PowerPoint

  • office suites

    Set of computer programs used for work/business including a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program. An example of an office suite is Microsoft Office.

  • spreadsheet software

    Computer programs which allow a user to organize and analyse data in a table, and create graphs and graphics. A common example is Microsoft Excel.

  • software licenses/upgrades

    A software licence permits you to use a piece of software legally. An software upgrade is a newer or better version, in order to bring the software up to date or to improve its characteristics.

  • desktop publishing software

    Computer programs where the layout, contents and typography of the document can be changed by the user so a professional-looking document can be present or published.

  • word processors

    Computer programs which allow a user to compose, edit, format and print written material such a letter or report. A common example of a word processor is Microsoft Word.

  • email clients

    Computer program used to access and manage email.

  • project management software

    Computer programs which alow a user to plan, organize and manage resources.

  • computer utilities

    Computer programs that help your computer to perform better e.g. anti-virus software, disk repair software, file management software.

  • charting software

    Computer program used to make charts and graphs of numerical data.

  • operating systems

    The operating system is the program that gets started first when you switch on your computer or server. All other applications depend on it for correct operation. Some examples of popular operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

  • navigation software

    In this category you will find software for planning your route to your destination, like extra maps for your GPS, but also software with which you can plan your route at home and print it for use on the road.

  • multimedia software

    Computer programs that allow information to be presented in various formats, such as text, audio and video.

  • networking software

    Computer programs which allow a user to set up, control and manage a network or networks between computers, printers and other devices.

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