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A hardware component of a computer such a hard disk or memory.


  • graphics cards

    The graphics card, also known as the video card, is the complete graphical subsystem of the PC. It is responsible for the quality and speed of video processing. For users that wish to play games or work with multimedia applications, it is especially important to have a video board with a high performance graphics processor and enough memory.

  • security

    Security means protecting something, keeping it safe and meaning it cannot be attacked, infiltrated or otherwise damaged.

  • computer cables

    Cables used to connect computers to power supplies and other devices such as printers.

  • processors

    The Central Processing Unit (CPU) or (micro) processor is the part of a computer where most calculations take place. In terms of computing power, the processor is the most important element of a computer system, so the performance of a computer is highly dependant on the performance of the processor. For quite some time the performance of a processor has been determined by the number of MHz the clock speed was, but nowadays clock speed doesn't have so much to do with the speed of the processor anymore. One of the best ways to compare different kinds of processors, is to look up benchmarks on the internet. Please be careful to buy a processor that is compatible with your motherboard, i.e. fits in the right socket.

  • video splitters

    Devices that allow a single video input to be connected to multiple outputs.

  • interface components

    A point of interaction between computer hardware or software and peripheral devices such as computer monitor or a keyboard

  • chassis components

    Components which fit inside the chassis, which is the metal shell used to protect computer parts. Examples of such components are motherboards and CPUs.

  • memory modules

    The Random Access Memory (RAM) is an important part of computers, servers and other electronic devices. Generally it is much faster than the permanent storage memory of your device and all information stored in it will be lost when you switch off your device. Extra RAM is often an affordable and efficient way to upgrade your slightly outdated device, so you can use it another year.

  • audio cards

    A sound card or audio board allows computers to play and record sound. If you have a 5.1 or 7.1 audio board, you can connect your computer to your home cinema set for the real cinema experience, with full surround sound, whilst playing games or viewing DVDs.

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