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Ability to print and scan documents using a device such as an all-in-one printer and scanner.


  • inkjet printers

    Inkjet printers are the most suitable printers for home and small office use. They are generally not as fast as laser printers, but make prints of very high quality and are quite affordable.

  • laser/LED printers

    Laser printers are devices that print high quality text or illustrations fast. They do so by very accurately applying toner (a kind of ink powder) to the paper and then heating the paper so the toner will melt and stick to the paper.

  • fax machines

    With a facsimile (fax) it is possible to send documents to and receive from other facsimiles; all you need is your existing phone line. Often facsimiles also have a copy (scan & print) function, although the quality of the copies is not always that great for most machines.

  • print & scan accessories

    Accessories needed for printing and scanning such as ink cartridges and printer paper.

  • POS/mobile printers

    POS (Point of Sale) or mobile printers are used to print receipts and other documents in retail.

  • dot matrix printers

    A dot matrix printer or impact matrix printer is a type of printer with a print head that prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper, much like a typewriter. Unlike a typewriter, letters are drawn out of a dot matrix, consisting of needles, and thus varied fonts and arbitrary graphics can be produced. Because the printing is done by applying mechanical pressure, these printers can create carbon copies.

  • large format printers

    These printers have been designed for printing on media larger than A4. Perfect for printing impressive posters!

  • scanners

    With a scanner you can make all your documents, pictures and photos digital.

  • label printers

    Create your own, professional looking labels fast and conveniently with one of these label printers!

  • multifunctionals

    A multifunctional is really an all-in-one device; it is both a scanner and a printer, and often even has a fax function. So effectively it's a copier, but one that has the scanning and printing functions available separately. All this is a great advantage when you have limited office space. Moreover, you will be able to work faster and more efficiently by using the device's convenient special functions.

  • photo printers

    Photo printers allow you to print digital photos, often they can even print directly from a digital camera, so you do not even need a computer to print your photos. Having such a printer at home, you can forget the photolabs!

  • bar code readers

    Electronic device for reading printed barcodes.

  • printing supplies

    Supplies needed for printing such as ink cartridges and toners.

  • printing media

    Different mediums which can support printed material, such as paper, card and plastic.

  • plastic card printers

    Printers which print on blank plastic cards to produce bespoke designs.

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