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Cables used to connect computers to power supplies and other devices such as printers.


  • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) cables

    Cables which move data to and from computer storage devices such as hard drives using an SAS protocol.

  • AV cables

    AV (Audio Video) cables are used in audio and video equipment such as DVD players and loudspeakers.

  • cable crimpers/cutters/strippers

    Small tools used to cut, strip and crimp cables.

  • cable splitters or combiners

    Devices which split a single cable into more than one cable, or combines several cables into one cable.

  • serial cables

    Cables used to transfer information between two devices using a serial communication protocol.

  • fiber optic cables

    A thin glass fibre through which light can be transmitted.

  • wire connectors

    Wires to connect two or more components.

  • power cables

    A power cable, also known as a power cord, is used for the transmission of electrical power.

  • coaxial cables

    Coaxial cable, also known as a coax, is a type of cable that has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. Many coaxial cables also have an insulating outer sheath or jacket. Various uses including home video equipment and ethernets.

  • SATA cables

    SATA is a computer bus interface that connects host bus adapters to mass storage devices such as hard disk drives and optical drives. SATA host adapters and devices communicate via a high-speed serial cable over two pairs of conductors.

  • cable interface/gender adapters

    Small device which is connected to a cable to change from male to female connections or vice-versa.

  • PS/2 cables

    A cable with a PS/2 plug. A Ps/2 plug is a 6-pin plug used to connect a keyboard and mouse to a computer. They were first introduced on IBM's PS/2 desktop PC in 1987. Subsequently, PS/2 connections have been largely replaced by USB connections.

  • USB cables

    Cable used to connect to a USB port, which are found in desktop computers, laptops and other electronic devices.

  • signal cables

    A cable designed to carry current of less than one ampere per conductor.

  • KVM cables

    A KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) cable connects a keyboard, mouse and monitor to two or more computers.

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