TVs & projectors

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TVs & projectors
Televisions and projectors, used to display images on screens.


  • flat panel wall mounts

    Supports, usually made out of metal, that are attached to the wall and used to hang a flat panel screen for a TV or a computer.

  • plasma TVs

    Plasma panels have fairly large pixels and are therefore mostly available in large sizes. These screens are flat and thin and their main advantage over LCD screens is that colours look the same, regardless of the angle from which you are viewing the screen. Plasma panels are very well suited for use as television or for displaying information and ads in public spaces.

  • LCD TVs

    LCD is a technology for displaying images. LCD screens are flat, thin and have a reasonably high resolution and are therefore much used as computer monitor, but are also very suitable for use in a television!

  • LED TVs

    A LED-TV is a flat panel display that uses LED backlighting instead of the cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting used in most other LCDs. Three forms of LED may be used:\n\n- White edge-LEDs around the rim of the screen, using a special diffusion panel to spread the light evenly behind the screen (the most usual form)\n\n- An array of LEDs arranged behind the screen whose brightness are not controlled individually.\n\n- A dynamic “local dimming” array of LEDs to achieve a modulated backlight light pattern

  • flat panels accessories

    Accessories for flat panel TVs and monitors such as stands and desk mounts.

  • wall & ceiling mounts accessories

    Accessories for wall and ceiling mounts such as screws, nuts and brackets.

  • touch screen monitors

    Monitors, common on smartphones and tablets, which respond to touch.

  • flat panel desk mounts

    A comfortable, ergonomic computer workstation requires an adjustable computer monitor arm or monitor stand. We offer monitor arms and stands for any budget that help make your computer work easier, pain free and more productive. \n\n\n\nMain ergonomic recommendations for monitor use include moving your monitor to a comfortable distance of around an arm's length and position the monitor at a comfortable height of about 2"-3" above eye level. Choose one of our many stylish monitor arms and stands and free up valuable desktop space.

  • public displays

    Large cases or boards used to display posters, ornaments, artefacts, etc.

  • display privacy filters

    Glare is a common cause of eyestrain among computer users. Glare screens or monitor filters can be used to reduce the glare or the wash out but they do not eliminate the glare problems entirely. Therefore, placing the monitor perpendicular to your windows or obtaining window blinds to prevent the glare on the screen should be the first consideration.

  • projectors

    Device that is used to project rays of light, especially an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film on to a screen.

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